Episode 062 - Craig Kasper Takeover! Interview with Rob Howe

I'm super excited to introduce part 2 of the Bravest Life x Diabetics Doing Things collab with my friend Craig Kasper (@CraigKasper on Instagram). Craig takes over the podcast to interview me, Rob Howe, about my diagnosis with T1D, my travels around the world chasing my dream of playing basketball and the origin story of DDT. 

Craig does a fantastic job of owning the Diabetics Doing Things podcast format, and really making it his own. From starting at diagnosis to finishing the episode with the one question every guest has to answer, Craig and I cover a range of topics INCLUDING what I would consider my favorite interview to date. 

Give it a listen, and be sure to tell Craig what an awesome job he did. 

Episode 061 - Diabetics Doing Mastering Diabetes Through Insulin Absorption with Robby Barbaro

Robby (@mindfuldiabeticrobby on Instagram) Barbaro joins the podcast to share his lifestyle and his journey as a T1D. 

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is in no way an endorsement of the interviewee, it is intended to create awareness of the different lifestyles T1Ds have available to them and give the leaders of those lifestyles a platform for open dialogue. 

Robby is the youngest of three brothers, two of which have Type-1 Diabetes. Robby’s family was in the process of relocating to Florida when Robby’s symptoms of T1D began to surface. Because his brother already had T1D, his mother told him via phone to test his blood sugar on his brother’s meter where he discovered his blood glucose was over 400. 

Since then, Robby was a successful competitive tennis player, was very active and disciplined in his approach to perfecting his craft which translated into what he now does with his coaching program Mastering Diabetes

Robby is committed to healing Type-1 Diabetes, and uses the example of Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile after so many people said it was impossible, and then after he broke it, people starting breaking the four minute mile every day. 

Robby’s journey into the raw food world began with Gabriel Cousins which led him to meet Dr. Cyrus who became his partner in Mastering Diabetes. After nearly 10 years of mastering his diet and filtering out all the things that would be considered detrimental, and he now believes that the cure for T1D is not limited to just diet, but would require some other form of healing or stimulus. 

Robby’s program is very interesting, and I appreciate his willingness to leave no stone unturned until he finds a solution for T1D. I also believe there are many false stories out there about “healing” T1D, but when you really talk to the people who are doing the hard work and research around insulin absorption and natural healing methods, they are not convinced there is a “cure” formula, but they are committed to continuing to test until they find it. 

Robby says it best, “I’m just just trying to live healthfully, and obviously manage Type 1 Diabetes. I do it every single day, I do it quite well, and I’m trying to heal in a healthy way.” 

I’d encourage you to listen to his perspective and then go do some research yourself on some of the amazing discoveries some of the so-called “health extremists” (which is a label I hate) are doing for the T1D community. I hope they have a breakthrough and we’ll celebrate it all together. 

Episode 060 - Diabetics Doing Worldwide Adventures & Commitment with Oren Liebermann

Oren Liebermann (@orenliebermannnews on Instagram) joins the podcast from Jerusalem to talk about his incredible diagnosis story and the events that immediately followed, and shaped his outlook on T1D and the mindset he committed to in order to truly live beyond. 

You’d never know it from talking with him, because he’s so down to earth, but Oren is an Emmy award winning journalist, author of a fantastic Diabetic book titled “The Insulin Express” and a CNN correspondent in Israel. 

Oren’s story is particularly profound. He and his wife were traveling on a worldwide adventure across the world, and while they were in Nepal and doing a lot of hiking, Oren started to experience some of the classic symptoms (dry mouth, extreme thirst, weight loss, fatigue) but chalked it up to a lot of hiking, travel and dry climate. But what transpired was a very dramatic story of going from doctor to doctor, in different cities across Nepal and ultimately Oren getting diagnosed with T1D at the age of 31 and having to go back to the US. 

While he was back home, he and his wife had a choice to make. They could either cancel the rest of their journey, or choose that Diabetes was not going to define what they did and continue on the journey. Which is exactly what they did. 

Their journey wasn’t without hurdles, but Oren and his wife managed to finish their trip and learn a little more about themselves in the process. 

Oren is a fantastic interview, and his story is so great and we’re lucky to have someone like him as a recent addition to our T1D family. 

Episode 059 - Diabetics Doing Raising a T1D with Kristina and Greg Dooley featuring Isa

This is first episode of its kind. Not only am I interviewing two parents of a Type 1, in Kristina and Greg Dooley, but I also get to interview Isa herself, the girl behind the @inspiredbyisabella account on Instagram. 

Isa and I talk about what she likes about Instagram (Sid Sharma, Mary Lucas & Libby Russell, just to name a few) but also some things that people have said about her pump and even though she got a little shy I think it gave a really poignant look at what it’s like to be a kid living your life with Diabetes (hint: it’s not always easy). 

Isa asked me if I had a name for my pump, and I didn’t have one, but I told her I’d come up with one. So my pump’s name is (drumroll please) Wilford (for Wilford Brimley tha gawd). 

Once Isa runs off to play, Kristina and Greg take me through Isa’s diagnosis story, why raising triplets is hard enough, but it can get especially challenging when one has T1D and challenges new parents of T1D children have to deal with on a daily basis and why they’re the true heroes. 

Kristina and Greg are a real inspiration not only for T1D parents, but also for T1Ds. I found our conversation to be particularly enlightening, and if we all looked at the world with the empathy and perspective they do, I think we’ll all be in a better place. 

Episode 058 - Diabetics Doing Fashion, Dance and Entrepreneurship with Kyrra Richards of Myabetic

Kyrra (@kyrrarichards on Instagram) Richards, founder of @Myabetic joins the podcast to talk about her journey as a Diabetic Fashionista, her background as a professional dancer and how she has pushed forward as an entrepreneur and #GirlBoss as the leader of Myabetic

Kyrra’s diagnosis at age 24 was a bit unique compared to many, because she was traveling on a military tour in Afghanistan as a dancer. During her trip, traveling back and forth from base to base, Kyrra experienced the typical symptoms many T1Ds go through but because of the grueling dance schedule and hot, dry climate she didn’t think there was too much to worry about. After her return from Afghanistan, Kyrra thought she had injured her bladder from resisting going to the restroom, so she went to her family physician who told her she didn’t have a bladder problem, she just had Type-1 Diabetes. 

Kyrra and I have a great conversation about the various tours we’ve been on as athletes, and then she gives us a unique behind the scenes look at the early days of Myabetic, where the inspiration came from and how they’ve grown since. 

It’s so interesting to me that the idea of Myabetic stemmed from wanting to feel good about your Diabetes, because it aligns with what I truly believe about living in a T1D renaissance, and I think Kyrra and Myabetic are a big part of why it’s now cool to be a T1D. 

Episode 057 - Diabetics Doing The Diabulimia Hotline with Erin Akers

Erin (@thediabeticdragon on Instagram) Akers joins the podcast from Seattle Washington, at the recommendation of Rebecca Ryan (Episode

Erin was one of the rare stories where she was diagnosed two weeks after her brothers diagnosis with Type-1. As such, her symptoms were caught very early, and her blood sugar was around 250. 

Erin’s Diabetes advocacy began around her relationship with food, and spurred her to start the Diabulimia Helpline

Erin talks about the advantages of growing up with someone else with T1D alongside you and how important it is to have peer support in your T1D journey. We also dig deep into some of the amazing stories behind the Diabulimia Helpline and how it has grown into an incredible resource for T1Ds and their relationship with food, insulin and T1D in general. 

Episode 056 - Diabetics Doing Diabetes Education with Melissa Gaynor

Have you ever wanted to talk to a Diabetes Educator (CDE) who was also a T1D? Well Melissa Gaynor (@mybroknpancreas on Instagram) was that person for me. Besides being a super dope person, Melissa is an incredible person because she went BACK to college to get a second bachelors degree to become a CDE. 

We talk about how to distill junk science, what she learns from her patients and what they're dealing with, the confusion of nutrition labels in health and diet. She also talks about the difference between a Nutritionist, and a Certified Diabetes Educator with an emphasis on nutrition because of the science base (you can also go through your insurance for a CDE, which is a pretty nice benefit). 

Melissa and I also talk about the importance of being proud of who you are with your T1D and the emergence of the "Diabetes is cool" movement, which I attribute to BeyondType1. We also talk about Libby Russell, who just happens to be one of Melissa and I's favorite people. 

We also talk about how important it is for T1Ds to see other people doing amazing things, like being NFL quarterbacks, pageant queens, pop stars, etc. which of course made me so proud to be able to tell the stories of all the amazing Diabetics Doing Things. Melissa is so great and our conversation has been one of my favorites. Shout out NYC for some of the best T1Ds out there.

This post was written in support of Beyond Type 1’s Power Up Campaign that’s engaging a global T1D community to help educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes. 

Episode 055 - Diabetics Doing Acting and Advocacy with Anita Nicole Brown

Anita Nicole Brown (@anita_nicole_brown on Instagram) joins the podcast to share her incredible story of a life with T1D. Diagnosed during her annual physical before her senior year of High School, Anita had been concerned with consistent weight loss despite a very strong appetite from her background in athletics and sports. She learned that there were "two kinds of Diabetes" as she was diagnosed, and was forced to face the realization that many T1Ds face that they now have a disease they've never heard anything about. 

Anita's glucose levels were over 1,000 mcg/dl and suffered from diabetic nerve damage as a result, and lost the ability to walk for 1 year. However, Anita was able to recover and walk again, and she takes us through her mindset during this especially difficult time. 

Anita lives in Chicago and works as an actress, if you follow her on Instagram you can keep up with her career as she currently is preparing for multiple roles in both stage and screen performances. 

This post was written in support of Beyond Type 1’s Power Up Campaign that’s engaging a global T1D community to help educate, advocate and cure Type 1 diabetes.