Episode 121 - Diabetics Doing Conferences with Austin Fuerst


Austin Fuerst (@everyday_T1D on Instagram) and I sat down for a chat on the event floor of the American Association of Diabetes Educators 2019 conference in Houston Texas.

Austin has been T1D for 21 years, and has been sharing his Diabetes journey through Instagram since 2016. He and I both live in Dallas Texas and have been side by side at many events in Dallas over the years. I give him a hard time, but I really see him as a little brother, a very kind, thoughtful young man with a heart for helping people with Diabetes.

In this interview we dig in to what it’s like to be behind the scenes at large events like this, and goals Austin has for the Diabetes community and share some funny stories along the way. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram.

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