Episode 120 - Diabetics Doing GlucoseZone with Charlie O'Connell

Charlie O’Connell (@Type1CEO on Instagram) is the CEO and founder of GlucoseZone, the first exercise program designed for people living with Diabetes.

Charlie takes us through his life as an athlete, both before and after he was diagnosed. He takes us through what it was like going through his first college football season at the University of Pennsylvania, because it was also his first season with Type-1 Diabetes.

Charlie and I share war stories about being athletes, and share many philosophies on competition, preparation, etc., but what’s most interesting to me is Charlie’s story as a Type 1 Diabetic entrepreneur.

After leaving his job, Charlie went to Africa on a mission to “find himself” he had no way of knowing it would lead him to his true purpose, to help people with Diabetes find success in exercise and fitness.

That led Charlie on a wild journey to found Fitscript, which has evolved into GlucoseZone. Check out Charlie’s story and let us know what you think!

GlucoseZone has sponsored this podcast, and is offering listeners a 7-day Free Trial of the entire GlucoseZone platform when you use code: ROBHOWE. Check them out!