Episode 119 - Diabetics Doing Stoicism with Chris Ruden

Chris Ruden (@ChrisRuden on Instagram) joins the podcast for his first solo interview, and he and Rob discuss their approaches to life, Diabetes, comparison, and social media as it relates to stoicism and stoic philosophy.

Chris Ruden is a public speaker, fitness coach, holds National and State Records for powerlifting, has lived with Diabetes for 9 years, and was born with a disability which up until recently, he hid from the world. He discusses how his life has changed over the years and how stoicism, vulnerability and mindset allowed him to make the changes that powered him to where he is today.

Chris was recently on season 1 of Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s TV series “The Titan Games,” and his video on The Rock’s Instagram has been viewed over 5.4 million times. He’s a super inspiring guy and I hope you enjoy my great conversation about stoicism and life with Chris Ruden.