Episode 118 - JDRF North Texas Social Media Panel

This episode was recorded live on February 24, 2019 at the JDRF North Texas Type One Nation Summit. Over 650 people attended the conference, either living with Type 1 Diabetes, a caregiver of someone with Type 1 Diabetes or a healthcare professional.

For the second year in a row, Rob Howe hosts the Social Media panel, where Type 1 Diabetes social media influencers discuss the Diabetes Online Community and leave attendees with inspiring messages.

Joining Rob on the panel are:

  • Austin Fuerst - @Everyday_T1D

  • Jill Rippolone - @T1dChick

  • Chris Ruden - @ChrisRuden

  • Paloma Kemak - @GlitterGlucose

  • Ariel Lawrence - @Justalittle_suga

The conversation spans about 1 hour, and has excellent sound bites from each of the panelists. We also take a few questions towards the end. This is the first of these panels that I recorded, but if you’d like Rob to come to your JDRF Chapter and do something similar, just shoot him an