Episode 115 - Diabetics Doing Pescatarian Lifestyle and Blogging with Alyssa Soukup

This is the second to last episode of 2018! Alyssa Soukup (@ddpyblog on Instagram) from St. Paul Minnesota, was diagnosed in early 2016 at the age of 25.

Alyssa takes us through some of the emotions that go along with being diagnosed later in life, and some of the lifestyle changes she’s made as a result of her T1D.

She also talks about where the inspiration for the DDPY Blog (Diabetic Dancing Pescatarian Yogi) came from, and walks us through her experience as a professional dancer. When Alyssa was 18, she picked up the book “Skinny Bitch” thinking that it would be a humorous read, and discovered many principles of Veganism that others have shared on the pod as well. Although after living as a vegan for some time, Alyssa discovered that the pescatarian diet would be more suitable to her long term.

She is a super great resource and I’m glad she took the time to come on the podcast. Give her pages a follow!