Episode 114 - Diabetics Doing Vegan Marathons with Amy McKinnon

Amy McKinnon (@amymckinnonnutrition on instagram) joins the podcast in yet another episode I thought I’d lost but that has since been found! Amy is a Type-1 Diabetic, nutritionist and long distance runner.

Amy and I talk about her diagnosis at the age of 12, and all the little things that pile up to make a big difference when you’re diagnosed as a teen. Diabetes is the experiment with too many inputs, and Amy discusses how her diet, exercise and mindfulness routines help her maintain a balance, even while running marathons all over the world.

Amy has run 7 marathons and over 40 half marathons over the past 5 years, and has qualified for the Boston Marathon 3 times. Since 2013, Amy has followed a plant based diet, and she and I discuss some of the ins and outs of her Vegan diet and how it plays into her diabetes and training.

Amy is an awesome figure in the T1D community, and a real splash of positivity and energy. She also inspired Marie Diaz to become a runner, and they both recently completed the 2018 NYC Marathon.