Episode 110 - Diabetics Doing Aviation 2 with John Roth

In an episode I was sure I’d lost, I speak with John Roth, a commercial pilot who nearly 4 years ago lost his wings to T1D. John’s interview is similar to those of past pilots like Jeremy Robertson, who found a new outlet for advocacy after losing their wings. 

John also talks about how his very regimented life with T1D with regard to diet and exercise help him keep his levels extremely well managed, and discusses how his decisions with food and dosing come easier for him because of how good he feels. John heard about my podcast from my interview on Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast, which I’d also encourage you to check out.

When I switched computers in early 2018, I thought I’d lost his interview, but I’m very glad I was able to find and publish this very insightful episode of #diabeticsdoingthings. 

This episode is sponsored by HealthIQ, who is rewarding people with Diabetes who actively manage their A1C and live an active lifestyle with lower rates on their life insurance. I also cover why it’s important on the Diabetics Doing Things blog