Episode 109 - Diabetics Doing 1000 Miles of Portraits with Annalisa Van Den Berg and Erik Douds

Join Annalisa Van Den Bergh and Erik Douds (@annalisavdbergh & @erikdouds on Instagram) on a journey through their lives with Type 1 Diabetes as they prepare for yet another incredible feat of distance biking. We’re talking about @milesofportraits, the dynamic diabetic duo’s 1,000 mile journey across Alaska, snapping photos of everything and everyone along the way. 

You can learn more about their journey in their film series below, but I sat down with Annalisa and Erik to talk about their various journeys across the world that led up to this trip, and how they were preparing for this one.

I’m LONG overdue in posting this interview, but I think the insights these two provide leading up to their 1,000 mile journey across Alaska are just as poignant today as they were this summer. 

I’m big fans of Annalisa and Erik, and I’d highly recommend you follow their journeys all across the world as closely as possible. Check out milesofportraits.com and keep an eye on their social media for more amazing “things” that Diabetics do.