Episode 067 - Diabetics Doing Medtronic Diabetes with Chief Patient Officer Louis Dias

Back in October, I was very fortunate to be able to visit the Medtronic Diabetes campus in Los Angeles California. While I was there I was able to spend some time with Chief Patient Officer Louis Dias, and interview him for the podcast. 

We discuss his responsibilities as Chief Patient Officer, and why that position is very unique and innovative to Medtronic. We also talk about how when Louis accepted the position, he immersed himself in Medtronic technology because he's not a T1D or T2D and wanted to learn more about the patients he and the company serves. 

We also talk about many of the global initiatives Medtronic is spearheading to help patients have more affordable opportunities to get Medtronic products. 

I think the most rewarding part of the interview for me was how seriously Louis and Medtronic take patient feedback. They are really working hard for their patients, and that was really great to see. 

I've learned a lot in my first year as a Medtronic Ambassador but the time I spent at Medtronic HQ tops the list. I'd spent 10 years as a Medtronic patient and it was great to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes. I'm very grateful to Louis and his team for taking the time to make this happen.