Episode 065 - Diabetics Doing College Football with Anders Hill and Kyle Castner

This episode is very special because I'm joined by two young men who are setting an incredible example for T1Ds everywhere. Anders Hill (@andershill12 on Instagram ) and Kyle Castner (@thekylecastner on Instagram) join the podcast to talk about their upcoming Columbia Football season, which just ended a few weeks ago. 

Together with the rest of their teammates, the Columbia Football team reached new heights as a program, and finished with an 8-2 record, good enough for second in the Ivy League. Quarterback Anders Hill was named Second-Team All-Ivy, while setting the school record for completion percentage while leading the team in overall offense. 

Outside of Football, both young men have found in each other a resource for dealing with their Type-1 Diabetes. Anders was diagnosed in High School and Kyle has been living with T1D nearly all his life. They have an amazing perspective as athletes and teammates, and talk about how important having a good support system is to success as a T1D. 

I'm grateful they were to find time to do an interview, and I want to give a special shout out to Columbia Football for being so great to work with on this.