Episode 061 - Diabetics Doing Mastering Diabetes Through Insulin Absorption with Robby Barbaro

Robby (@mindfuldiabeticrobby on Instagram) Barbaro joins the podcast to share his lifestyle and his journey as a T1D. 

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is in no way an endorsement of the interviewee, it is intended to create awareness of the different lifestyles T1Ds have available to them and give the leaders of those lifestyles a platform for open dialogue. 

Robby is the youngest of three brothers, two of which have Type-1 Diabetes. Robby’s family was in the process of relocating to Florida when Robby’s symptoms of T1D began to surface. Because his brother already had T1D, his mother told him via phone to test his blood sugar on his brother’s meter where he discovered his blood glucose was over 400. 

Since then, Robby was a successful competitive tennis player, was very active and disciplined in his approach to perfecting his craft which translated into what he now does with his coaching program Mastering Diabetes

Robby is committed to healing Type-1 Diabetes, and uses the example of Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile after so many people said it was impossible, and then after he broke it, people starting breaking the four minute mile every day. 

Robby’s journey into the raw food world began with Gabriel Cousins which led him to meet Dr. Cyrus who became his partner in Mastering Diabetes. After nearly 10 years of mastering his diet and filtering out all the things that would be considered detrimental, and he now believes that the cure for T1D is not limited to just diet, but would require some other form of healing or stimulus. 

Robby’s program is very interesting, and I appreciate his willingness to leave no stone unturned until he finds a solution for T1D. I also believe there are many false stories out there about “healing” T1D, but when you really talk to the people who are doing the hard work and research around insulin absorption and natural healing methods, they are not convinced there is a “cure” formula, but they are committed to continuing to test until they find it. 

Robby says it best, “I’m just just trying to live healthfully, and obviously manage Type 1 Diabetes. I do it every single day, I do it quite well, and I’m trying to heal in a healthy way.” 

I’d encourage you to listen to his perspective and then go do some research yourself on some of the amazing discoveries some of the so-called “health extremists” (which is a label I hate) are doing for the T1D community. I hope they have a breakthrough and we’ll celebrate it all together.