Episode 060 - Diabetics Doing Worldwide Adventures & Commitment with Oren Liebermann

Oren Liebermann (@orenliebermannnews on Instagram) joins the podcast from Jerusalem to talk about his incredible diagnosis story and the events that immediately followed, and shaped his outlook on T1D and the mindset he committed to in order to truly live beyond. 

You’d never know it from talking with him, because he’s so down to earth, but Oren is an Emmy award winning journalist, author of a fantastic Diabetic book titled “The Insulin Express” and a CNN correspondent in Israel. 

Oren’s story is particularly profound. He and his wife were traveling on a worldwide adventure across the world, and while they were in Nepal and doing a lot of hiking, Oren started to experience some of the classic symptoms (dry mouth, extreme thirst, weight loss, fatigue) but chalked it up to a lot of hiking, travel and dry climate. But what transpired was a very dramatic story of going from doctor to doctor, in different cities across Nepal and ultimately Oren getting diagnosed with T1D at the age of 31 and having to go back to the US. 

While he was back home, he and his wife had a choice to make. They could either cancel the rest of their journey, or choose that Diabetes was not going to define what they did and continue on the journey. Which is exactly what they did. 

Their journey wasn’t without hurdles, but Oren and his wife managed to finish their trip and learn a little more about themselves in the process. 

Oren is a fantastic interview, and his story is so great and we’re lucky to have someone like him as a recent addition to our T1D family.