Episode 039 - Diabetics Doing Candid Stories About T1D Life with Janet Dyer

Janet Dyer (@redsyren on Instagram), a 22-year Diabetic joins the podcast from Calgary, Alberta. Janet was diagnosed just before her 16th birthday, so of course we talk about the all-to-common struggle of T1Ds and birthday cake. ;)

This is one of the most raw interviews ever on the podcast, as Janet takes us through the emotions associated with misdiagnosis, tells a powerful story of how difficult a T1Ds life can become when health insurance isn't affordable and how her relationship with Diabetes has been challenging but that the Diabetes Online Community has her feeling more empowered than ever. 

If you are particularly inspired by Janet's incredible story, or have had a similar experience with healthcare, please reach out! I want to hear your story and help share it to show what life with T1D is really like.