#ToolsofType1s from Diabetics Doing Things


After recording and releasing over 100 episodes of Diabetics Doing Things, I wanted to find a way to have my favorite people with Diabetes answer the questions I was dying to know. So I took a page out of Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors and made a list of the people I wanted to hear from and set them up to produce their very own episode of the podcast, and I would put it all together for them.

After a gut wrenching few hours, the responses started rolling in. I was overwhelmed by the time, care and effort that each of the guests put into their answers. Roughly 90 days, more than 50 episodes, some incredible brand work by Ken Cao Designs, #ToolsofType1s is ready to launch.

Every Tuesday and Thursday starting 1/8, we will publish a new episode of Tools of Type 1s on the Diabetics Doing Things podcast. No need to subscribe anywhere else, just fresh content for you delivered twice a week.

As we begin year 4 of Diabetics Doing Things, I have to express my extreme gratitude to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants in the T1D community. Stay tuned to learn what makes these people all so amazing!


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