Episode 094 - Diabetics Doing Diabetes Strong with Christel Oerum

Welcome Christel Oerum to the show! (@diabetesstrong_ig on Instagram) Christel is the co-founder (along with her husband Tobias) of Diabetes Strong, which began as a personal blog in 2015 to share her experiences as a fitness enthusiast living with Type-1 Diabetes and grew into the largest website about health and Diabetes with expert contributors from all over the world. It's an incredible resource for anyone looking to make sense of T1D, exercise and an active lifestyle. 

Christel and I discuss her diagnosis in Denmark, where she was diagnosed after experiencing extreme fatigue (accompanied by the other usual symptoms), by her primary care physician. Christel also takes us through the challenges of moving to the United States and discovering her love for strength training. This 20-year T1D veteran is full of knowledge that ranges from traveling across foreign lands, to T1D technology, to health, fitness, and wellness.

Be sure to check out Diabetes Strong for tons of resources on how to live fit and healthy with Diabetes, and keep on the lookout for more Diabetes Strong and Diabetics Doing Things content in the future! https://diabetesstrong.com/