Episode 073 - Diabetics Doing NASCAR with Ryan Reed

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s T1D NASCAR Driver Ryan Reed (@DriverRyanReed on Instagram)!

On this episode of the Diabetics Doing Things, Ryan races in to share his experience as a NASCAR driver with T1D. Diagnosed at 17, during the beginning of his professional career, he discusses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude through all the doom and gloom. He further shares the story of how he overcame his diagnosis with the help of research, inspiration from other T1D athletes, and an endocrinologist that supported him living his dream. You’ll learn how he keeps his blood sugar in range, even while driving over 200 MPH! 

Ryan and I discuss how he approached the unique challenge of continuing to chase his dream in spite of what could've been a devastating diagnosis. He even tells us a secret about his pit crew, because one of the crew members is trained to administer a shot of insulin during a pit stop in case he needs one (he never has). 

Ryan is a great source of inspiration to the T1D community and inspires others to chase their dreams with diabetes. His story explains why and how he continues to inspire so many of us. Take a listen to get motivated and hear what Ryan has up his sleeve for the future, on and off the track.

Be sure to check out Ryan's website  for updates on the upcoming NASCAR season, featuring Ryan's Lilly Diabetes car! 

Interview Pt. I starts at 0:43

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Interview Pt. II starts at 16:57

Total time: 34:47