Episode 063 - Diabetics Doing Advocacy with Christine Fallabel

Christine Fallabel (@cfallabel on Instagram) joins the podcast from Denver Colorado to talk about her diagnosis in the year 2000 on a family vacation and how a passion for the Type-1 Diabetes community spurred her towards a career in Diabetes advocacy. 

Christine is currently the Director of State Government Affairs and Advocacy at the American Diabetes Association, so she spends a lot of her time working with the individual issues of T1Ds across the United States and has a lot of great perspective on the work the ADA and others are doing for T1Ds.

Christine and I talk about the mental wear and tear of a life with Diabetes, even if you don't necessarily "struggle" with it.  She is a staunch supporter of Diabetes camps, and she and I joke about how there should be a Diabetes camp for adults. 

Christine is an awesome resource and has personally helped me out with a few introductions and I'm super grateful we have such a great advocate in our T1D family.