Episode 022 - Diabetics Doing Outreach with Tanya Conovaloff

Tanya Conovaloff is a nearly 41-year T1D who works as the Outreach Manager for JDRF Dallas, and has been a huge supporter of Diabetics Doing Things since I met her early in 2015. We sat down for a rare face-to-face recording of the podcast where we discussed living for 4 decades with T1D (despite being only 29), what it was like to treat T1D in the 1970s, the importance of getting involved in the T1D community, and highlight some of the amazing work that JDRF is doing for T1Ds in the U.S. and across the world. 

We're very lucky to have someone as committed and enthusiastic as Tanya for our Dallas Outreach Manager, and so many of the amazing T1D community successes are a direct result of her and the JDRF Dallas staff's amazing work. When I was looking to get more involved with the T1D community, I sent an email to a general JDRF Dallas email address, and Tanya responded the same day. That conversation has led to so many opportunities to connect with other T1Ds in Dallas and across the U.S. So reach out! Get involved with your local JDRF chapter and if you don't have one, reach out to JDRF and they'll give you the resources to start one.