Episode 015 - Diabetics Doing Empowerment with Jill Rippolone

Episode 015 features Jill Rippolone, perhaps more famous for her Instagram alter ego, T1Dchick. She is a fixture in the T1D online community, and engages with Type Ones from all over the world on a daily basis. She just celebrated her 20th diaversary, and discusses the challenges of growing up with T1D. 

We also discuss the importance of empowering Type Ones to not be fearful or embarrassed by their diagnosis. Her brand is built on showcasing that T1Ds can do anything and everything that non-diabetics can. Her interview is fantastic and I hope you enjoy it. 

In addition to T1Dchick, Jill also runs a Diabetic Meme Page, KissmyPancreass follow it for some good laughs!