Episode 009 - Diabetics Doing Activism with Elizabeth Rowley

There have been many amazing developments in technology and treatment of Type-1 Diabetes in the last few years. The search for a cure has uncovered many methods of treatment that make the lives of Type-1 Diabetics much more comfortable than they had been in previous years. However, these options are not available to all Diabetics. My guest this week is Elizabeth Rowley, the founder and Director of T1International, an organization working towards adequate access to insulin, diabetes supplies, medical care and education for all people living with Type-1 Diabetes. 

In our interview, Elizabeth and I talk about the disparity in access and affordability of insulin and diabetes supplies worldwide, the work T1International is doing to fight for #insulin4all, specific examples of how T1International Global Advocates are pushing for sustainable change worldwide, and how you can support the cause and get involved.

To learn more, visit T1international.com or follow them on their various social platforms below: