Episode 079 - Diabetics Doing Extra Long Bike Rides with Hilary Andersen

On this episode of the Diabetics Doing Things Podcast, Hilary Andersen (@TheCheeseLouise on Instagram and CheeseLouise5 on Twitter) joins us to share her (extra long) bike riding stories as a T1D. Diagnosed in 1994 at age 9 and a “pumper” since 1998 (20 years!!!), Hilary and I dive into her diagnosis story and what it was like to have a pump and CGM so early in the game. If you’ve ever been interested in what life with T1 was like at the beginning of the technological shift, take a listen because she has plenty of experiences to share. 

Hilary once rode her bike from Austin, Texas to Terre Haute, Indiana / the Chicago area at the beginning of her biking career. She shares what life was like on the open road, delving into what keeping pump and other diabetic supplies (along with food, shelter, and riding equipment) was like. 

Hilary eventually traveled to Japan, where she learned how difficult managing life with an auto-immune disorder could be. From having to improvise her broken lancet device (because Japanese and American devices do no match) to discussing her basal rates before, during, and after a ride, Hilary is a book of knowledge when it comes to life with T1D. Further, we discuss the improvements that the diabetic community has experienced in terms of glucose monitoring and other technology, especially with her latest upgrade to Medtronic’s 670G. 

If you’re a diabetic go-getter looking to travel, take a listen to hear both of our experiences in the beautiful country of Japan and some of the problems you may run into, including purchasing non-alcoholic beer when you wanted the real thing. 

Episode 078 - Diabetics Doing Mixed Martial Arts 2 with Kevin Kellerman

Round 2 – Fight! Welcome back to the second part of our series on diabetes and MMA. Kevin Kellerman (@kevinkellermanmma on Instagram) joins the podcast this week to share with us his story as an MMA athlete. Before continuing the MMA-themed conversations involving cutting weight and managing blood sugars with so many variables, Kevin shares his diagnosis story (age three). If you want to check out part 1, give Anna Hyvarinen's episode a listen. 

Further, we discuss Kevin's goals as a fighter as well as a man. If you want to hear sincere commitment and energy, take a listen to Kevin talk about life. His dedication to discipline and mastery of self provides long-term benefits, rather than being pleased by instant gratification. The wisdom Kevin shares is applicable to everyone, but the T1D community will have plenty to soak in. By the end, you’ll hear another example of how little incremental goals can help dreams come true, so remember to stick with it and stay authentic above all else. 


Episode 077 - Diabetics Doing Ups, Downs and the Party Lifestyle

Kayla Naeini (@frenchiegang_ on Instagram) joins us on this episode of the Diabetic Doing Things podcast. If you’re in on the DOC, you’ve probably seen her shedding some knowledge on the ‘gram. Kayla opens up about being forced to give her first injection moments after being told she was the newest member of the T1D community. Without comfort or care from doctors, she took it upon herself to live beyond. 

From small town parties to life in Vegas to currently working in a laboratory as a pharmacy tech, Kayla opens up about some real life experiences that the community sometimes fail to discuss. Although partying is always a touchy subject, Kayla brings a breath of fresh air to the conversation regarding the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. This episode boils down to taking care of your body and surrounding yourself with others who support your efforts. If you ever need a friend or some conversation, reach out and Kayla will be glad to chat.

If you’re ready to get real with T1D, press play now!

Episode 076 - Diabetics Doing Ayurvedic Medicine with Andrea Arledge

RN for 15+ years. Educator in Mind Body Medicine. Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Yoga instructor. Reiki Master Teacher. Single mother at 18. Type 1. This is Andrea Arledge (@andreaarledge on Instagram).

Andrea and I delve deep into her diagnosis story, discussing how important the experience is and how it can impact you and your identity for years to come. She was 15 when the doctor gave her the news, telling her she would not live a “normal” life. Well, Andrea didn’t let hold her back, but getting there wasn’t an easy journey.

Overcoming fear becomes a prominent theme throughout this episode, and Andrea shares her knowledge and experience in doing so. From breathing exercises to journaling, the techniques we talk about can be used by anyone when wanting to summon courage and put out the flames and mental murkiness created by fear.

Positivity. Breathing. Talking. Mindfulness. Alkalinity. These are just a few topics that we cover. You’ll be left wanting more at the end of the episode!

In 2017, I began a daily meditation practice that became my most consistent practice of the year. It was something I never thought I'd do, as I had historically not been able to quiet my mind. Through the help of the guided medtitations in the Headspace app, I was able to develop a practice that would pay dividends for me during a year full of new stresses. Andrea and I also discuss a wealth of supplements, including Alpha Lypoic Acid, Chelated Magnesium and Berberine, that we both take on a regular basis. Message me on Instagram if you want to know more! 

Andrea's additional links are below! 




Episode 075 - Diabetics Doing Mixed Martial Arts with Anna Hyvarinen

Give it up for mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete, Anna Hyvarinen (@annahyvarinen on Instagram and Anna J Hyvarinen on Facebook). Anna joins the podcast this week to share her story as a combat athlete with T1D. 

Born in Helsinki and diagnosed in 1999 at age 11, Anna and I talk about it all, from her past fear of needles to how she manages her diabetes under extreme circumstances (intense exercise, cortisol spikes, cutting weight, high and low blood sugars) before we move on to talk about the mental aspects of her sport.

Anna focuses on having a clear mind and limiting outside interruptions, not only before a fight, but during her daily life; this allows her to create the perfect environment to perform her best and she’ll inspire you to do it too. If you’re interested in finding out how a MMA fighter conquers T1D in the ring, take a listen.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on Diabetes and MMA. Stay tuned for the next episode featuring Kevin Kellerman. 

Episode 074 - Diabetics Doing Tattoos with Chris Clement

Let’s give a warm welcome to Chris Clement (@twitchybetes on Twitter and @diabeticink on Instagram). Chris is the creator of Diabetic Ink and a 20-year T1D veteran. In this episode of the Diabetics Doing Things podcast, Chris and I dive into his diagnosis story as he shares the details common to many, but still his own. He shares an emotional journey, but a beautiful story, nonetheless, talking about his appreciation for life and the impact of a family diagnosis.

Check out why Chris started Diabetic Ink and learn about the depth of his care for diabetes and tattoos, and how he combines the two to help others. He aims to remove the stigma of diabetics getting ink and provides direction and ideas for others to follow when considering related tattoos. Overall, he’s a source of inspiration to those who want to use their bodies to share a little bit about themselves.

This episode is part of #Dpodcastweek and highlights Diabetes Connections, a podcast that features prominent diabetes advocates, authors and speakers and includes personal stories of connection from people with diabetes and their friends and family. Founder, Stacey Simms has been working on the third annual Diabetes Podcast Week that kicked off on February 11. Stacey brings together multiple diabetic-community podcasters to support Spare a Rose, Save a Child... check it out in the link below:


Episode 073 - Diabetics Doing NASCAR with Ryan Reed

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s T1D NASCAR Driver Ryan Reed (@DriverRyanReed on Instagram)!

On this episode of the Diabetics Doing Things, Ryan races in to share his experience as a NASCAR driver with T1D. Diagnosed at 17, during the beginning of his professional career, he discusses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude through all the doom and gloom. He further shares the story of how he overcame his diagnosis with the help of research, inspiration from other T1D athletes, and an endocrinologist that supported him living his dream. You’ll learn how he keeps his blood sugar in range, even while driving over 200 MPH! 

Ryan and I discuss how he approached the unique challenge of continuing to chase his dream in spite of what could've been a devastating diagnosis. He even tells us a secret about his pit crew, because one of the crew members is trained to administer a shot of insulin during a pit stop in case he needs one (he never has). 

Ryan is a great source of inspiration to the T1D community and inspires others to chase their dreams with diabetes. His story explains why and how he continues to inspire so many of us. Take a listen to get motivated and hear what Ryan has up his sleeve for the future, on and off the track.

Be sure to check out Ryan's website  for updates on the upcoming NASCAR season, featuring Ryan's Lilly Diabetes car! 

Interview Pt. I starts at 0:43

Second ad starts at 16:10

Interview Pt. II starts at 16:57

Total time: 34:47

Episode 072 - Diabetics Doing College and Pro Football with Brandon Denson

Brandon Denson (@B__Denson on Instagram) joins the podcast to talk about his journey from High School football star turned Type-1 Diabetic in his senior season, to Michigan State Spartan Walk-on, to starter, to eventually making an NFL roster. Since his time as an athlete, Brandon has focused on T1D advocacy and even visited Washington D.C. as a representative during JDRF's "Call to Congress" in 2017. 

To me, when you talk to Brandon, it's no surprise he's had so much success in spite of obstacles in his life. His approach and discipline to overcome and not make excuses, make him an excellent example for what you can accomplish while living with T1D. 

Brandon and I share old sports stories, like retired athletes do, and Brandon even recounts some of his playing days at MIchigan State, and what it's like to run out in a stadium in front of 100,000 people. Brandon is a great T1D advocate and I'm glad we were able to connect. Definitely give him a follow for some T1D inspiration. 

Episode 071 - Diabetics Doing Type One Type Happy

The time has finally come! My guest is Gretchen Otte (@typeonetypehappy on Instagram) and we were finally able to get some time to do her first podcast interview! This was an interview nearly a year in the making, and although many of you know a lot about her, this interview was nothing short of incredible, and had surprises around every turn. 

Although she experienced some surprising T1D symptoms at the start of a worldwide trip in New York City, Gretchen was actually officially diagnosed by a doctor on a cruise ship! But her doctor didn’t know much about T1D, so she had to go to pharmacies on the cruise destinations to get her supplies and learn about how to treat her T1D. 

Gretchen’s dad is also a T1D, but before her diagnosis they hadn’t shared much about the day to day life with Diabetes until after she was diagnosed. 

An avid runner before she was diagnosed, Gretchen recently completed her first marathon since being diagnosed with T1D as a part of the #BeyondTypeRun team during the #NYCMarathon. She outlines how she trained for the marathon, and the challenges that she and other T1D runners had to overcome while preparing for the race. 

Gretchen is an incredible representative of living well and happy with Type-1 Diabetes, and I’m glad we have her as a leader in the community. She frequently hosts meetups in Southern California, and also works for Diabetes fashion brand Myabetic. Check out her site at TypeOneTypeHappy.com. 

Gretchen will also be joining me at JDRF Dallas’ Type One Nation event on January 28, so if you are in the area and want to hear her story in person, come join us! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-typeonenation-north-texas-summit-registration-39967011407

This episode is sponsored by HealthIQ. Health IQ is making life insurance fair by unlocking the value of health consciousness for the 50 million Americans who take responsibility for their health. This is especially relevant for me, because as a Type-1 Diabetic, I have been denied life insurance coverage by other providers even though my A1cs are in range, I eat whole30 and can still kill guys 10 years younger than me on the basketball court. HealthIQ can give people exclusive rates through their HealthIQ quiz, and they even take into account data points from things like fit bits and other trackers. You can learn more about HealthIQ and get a free quote at Healthiq.com/DDT

Episode 070 - Diabetics Doing Traveling Nursing with Samuel Foarde

I treasure the interviews that change my perspective. Perhaps no interview has been as impactful as this one. Samuel Foarde (@sir_registered_nerd on Instagram) joins the podcast and tells about his life as T1D and how it influenced his current career choice of being a traveling nurse. 

So what challenged my thinking in this interview? I asked Sam about how he chooses the next destination he'll call home for a few months as a traveling nurse, and he told me he likes to target rural hospitals because he feels he can have the biggest impact with the patients there because they are typically much less aware of proper health treatments and prioritize a healthy lifestyle much less than many of us city-dwellers. 

It challenged me to take a step outside the amazing, supportive, aware T1D online community, and remember that of the 1.5 million Americans and millions of other T1Ds around the world, many of us lack the support, education and focus to be the best T1Ds we can be. This is an awesome, impactful interview and Sam is as engaging as they come. Enjoy! 

Episode 069 - Diabetics Doing T1D Like Me with Jacob Kaufman

Jake Kaufman (@T1DLikeMe on Instagram) joins the podcast from Illinois to talk everything from his diagnosis at a cross country event, to founding T1D like me and we even take a moment to let me air out my dirty laundry against Jay Cutler! 

Jake and I met via Instagram this summer and he has been a big supporter of Diabetics Doing Things, so I want to make sure to give him a shoutout in the bio of his own episode. Definitely go check out all the awesome stories on T1DLikeMe, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this 21 year old entrepreneur. 

Jake and I also have a great conversation about T1D and exercise, and he gives his best tips and tricks for going on long runs (he’s a former competitive cross country runner and currently is an assistant coach for his High School team). 

This episode is sponsored by HealthIQ. Health IQ is making life insurance fair by unlocking the value of health consciousness for the 50 million Americans who take responsibility for their health. This is especially relevant for me, because as a Type-1 Diabetic, I have been denied life insurance coverage by other providers even though my A1cs are in range, I eat whole30 and can still kill guys 10 years younger than me on the basketball court. HealthIQ can give people exclusive rates through their HealthIQ quiz, and they even take into account data points from things like fit bits and other trackers. You can learn more about HealthIQ and get a free quote at Healthiq.com/DDT

Special Episode - 2017 in Review

This is the first episode of its kind where Rob Howe takes the mic and rolls solo. This episode covers all the ground Diabetics Doing Things has covered in 2017 and where we're planning to go in the future. 

On the podcast, Rob covers the journey from 11 episodes in 2016 to 60 episodes in 2017 and crossing the milestone of over 1,000 years of living with T1D on this podcast. 

Then I do my best to answer the most popular questions that I get via social media and email. I talk everything from exercise and T1D, whole30, whether or not I still play basketball, what I use to treat my diabetes, the vitamins and supplements I take, my hot sports opinion on the word "diabetic" and then a little look behind the curtain as to what the future holds for Diabetics Doing Things. 

I'm grateful for everyone who has continued to listen to this podcast over the past year, and I can't wait to share the new stuff with you in 2018. The best is yet to come!!!!