Diabetics do amazing things every day that go unnoticed. These are their stories. 


Amazing stories. Everyday adventures. Told by Diabetics, for Diabetics.


Type - 1 Diabetes affects over 1.25 Million Americans, and an additional 40,000 are being diagnosed each year. From the moment of diagnosis, every Type-1 diabetic has to face the realization that they will live with Diabetes for the rest of their lives, yet the stories about the lives that ensue go largely untold. Diabetics Doing Things aims to tell those stories, in an effort to build awareness of Type-1 Diabetes by connecting those who fight it every day. 



Listen as Rob Howe, goes 1-on-1 with other Type-1 Diabetics from all over the world on the Diabetics Doing Things Podcast. Get the firsthand accounts on how a Type-1 diagnosis was not the end, but the beginning of an incredible journey. 


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