Episode 043 - Diabetics Doing Diabetic Dabs with Elizabeth Sacco

Elizabeth Sacco (@diabeticdabs on Instagram) joins the podcast for the first of its kind interview on Diabetics Doing Things, as she is the mother of a Type-1 Diabetic. Her son David was diagnosed at age 9, and thrust Liz and her family into the world of Type-1 Diabetes. 

Liz takes us through what it was like from diagnosis through the first 6 years of her family's journey with T1D. We even cover "spidokas" (sp?) which is a term which references the phenomenon where before you are made aware of something, you never notice it, but once you are made aware of it, you see it everywhere. 

Elizabeth hasn't stopped at successfully treating T1D as a parent, she's the founder of Diabetic Dabs, a disposable, inexpensive, convenient breakthrough for blood glucose testing. Not only are Diabetic Dabs a convenient and simple solution to testing, they also donate a portion of the proceeds to improve the lives of those living with T1D. 

Big shout out to Liz for her patience in me posting this episode, and a huge shout out to all parents of T1Ds out there. We would not be where we are without you. 

Episode 042 - Diabetics Doing Muscle & Fitness with Phil Graham

Phil Graham (@PhilGraham01 on Instagram) joins the podcast from Belfast, Ireland, to talk about his diagnosis with T1D and everything from his career in the fitness industry, success as a professional bodybuilder and his journey with T1D along the way. 

Phil is a nutritionist, podcast host, public speaker, bodybuilding coach and the author of The Diabetic Muscle & Fitness Guide. Phil is an extremely valuable resource on all things Diabetes and Fitness related, and hundreds of people with Type-1 Diabetes rely on his expertise on nutrition and exercise related to T1D. 

I love Phil’s outlook and approach to everything he does, and I’m lucky and grateful to have him as a guest on the show. Something really stuck with me, Phil attributes his focus on health and fitness to his diagnosis with Type-1 Diabetes. It’s changed his life in more ways than one, and I’m glad he was able to share that story with us. Give him a follow for extra inspiration! 

Episode 041 - Diabetics Doing Sugarless Clothing with Cody McChesney

Cody McChesney (@sugarlessclothing on Instagram) joins the podcast from the Bay Area to talk about his diagnosis, being T1D and also trying to be a regular kid and his brand Sugarless Clothing, who makes apparel to raise awareness for Type-1 Diabetics. 

Sugarless Clothing's mission is to raise awareness for T1D and dispel some of the misconceptions associated with Type-1 Diabetes. They even donate a portion of their proceeds to help provide Diabetes supplies for those in need. 

Cody's diagnosis story is particularly harrowing, going through misdiagnosis as a Type-2 diabetic, which caused him to lose over 100 pounds in 6 months (220lbs to 113lbs)! Cody takes us through his approach through the dark times, and how that turned him into a T1D warrior. 

I really enjoy Cody's interview and his passion for helping other T1Ds is inspiring. He also is a particularly great example of being firm with your doctor if you think there is a misdiagnosis. Check out his story, and be sure to give Sugarless Clothing a look! 

Episode 040 - Diabetics Doing Swedish with Sara Moback

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live with T1D in another country? We've had guests from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others, and adding to that list is Sara Moback (@easytype.se on Instagram) from Sweden!

Sara has an amazing perspective on living with T1D, and we have a great conversation about overcoming the challenges associated with living in Sweden compared to my life here in the U.S. Sara also has an interesting story about her father, who came to her one day asking to test his blood sugar, because he felt he was having symptoms of T1D. Turns out, he was Diabetic after all! Sara gives a little insight on how T1D has brought her closer to her father, and how much more they have in common because of the disease. 

Sara has one of the top T1D blogs in Sweden, and offers inspiration on living with T1D on Easytype.se. It was great to chat with someone for the first time, halfway across the world, and find so much in common. I know you're going to enjoy her interview. 


Episode 039 - Diabetics Doing Candid Stories About T1D Life with Janet Dyer

Janet Dyer (@redsyren on Instagram), a 22-year Diabetic joins the podcast from Calgary, Alberta. Janet was diagnosed just before her 16th birthday, so of course we talk about the all-to-common struggle of T1Ds and birthday cake. ;)

This is one of the most raw interviews ever on the podcast, as Janet takes us through the emotions associated with misdiagnosis, tells a powerful story of how difficult a T1Ds life can become when health insurance isn't affordable and how her relationship with Diabetes has been challenging but that the Diabetes Online Community has her feeling more empowered than ever. 

If you are particularly inspired by Janet's incredible story, or have had a similar experience with healthcare, please reach out! I want to hear your story and help share it to show what life with T1D is really like. 

Episode 038 - Diabetics Doing Aviation with Jeremy Robertson

Jeremy Robertson (@Type_1_Pilot on Instagram) joins the podcast from Sydney, Australia, to tell his amazing story of his diagnosis at age 30 and how his life drastically changed as a result. Growing up, Jeremy always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and made it his life's mission to fly. He was successful, and became a commercial airline pilot for Qantas Airlines, flying routes all over the world including routes from Sydney to Los Angeles regularly. 

Though Type-1 Diabetes is always challenging, many of us continue on with our day-to-day lives & careers with few adjustments. But that wasn't the case for Jeremy. Type-1 Diabetics are not able to fly commercially (except in 2 countries), so Jeremy was forced to change careers in the middle of his life. He chose to enter the medical field in order to give back to the community and how he's helping to push change in aviation medicine, which is typically very conservative. 

Jeremy and I talk in-depth about what it's like to fly a commercial aircraft, how he was able to press on after his diagnosis took away his life's dream of flying, the journey through medical school and how he's been able to apply his skills as a pilot, a doctor and a Type-1 Diabetic to help push for reform around the rules for Type-1 Diabetics to fly aircraft. Jeremy is now able to fly smaller aircraft in Australia along with some other T1Ds, and has promised me a flight if I ever make it to Sydney (which I'm determined to take him up on). 

This was one of my favorite interviews, and Jeremy is one of the smartest, kindest and most giving people I've ever met, and I'm so fortunate to have met him. I hope you enjoy his interview. Jeremy also mentions a man named Douglas Cairns, who founded an organization called Flying With Diabetes, which I encourage you all to check out!  

Episode 037 - Diabetics Doing Happy Tummys and Travel with Whitney Lewis

Whitney Lewis (@HappyPancreas on Instagram) joins the podcast to discuss her journey with T1D over the past 4 years. Diagnosed at 26, Whitney takes us through a traumatic diagnosis experience, dealing with denial, adjusting to life with T1D as an adult and the realities of misdiagnosis that many T1D adults deal with in the early days of the disease. 

Fast forward to today, Whitney is living and thriving with T1D and her blog focuses on healthy living with T1D, maintaining proper gut health, exercising with T1D as well as many recipes she shares via Instagram. Whitney is an amazing member of the T1D community and sharing knowledge with her over the past few months has been super rewarding. I encourage you to follow her and utilize her as a resource! She has put a lot of time and effort into really understanding her body, and if you check out her website you can benefit from all the work she's done. I know you'll enjoy her episode! 

Episode 036 - Diabetics Doing The Sugars with Libby Russell

At long last, the much anticipated interview with Libby Russell (@ihavethesugars on Instagram) is here! Libby joins the podcast from NYC to talk about the inspiration for ihavethesugars which is one of my favorite Diabetes communities (and also super well designed, which makes me love it even more). We talk about Libby's diagnosis at 17, bond over our respective tiger moms as well as discuss how our parents took on the challenge of a T1D child, address the challenges of playing high level athletics as a T1D, and how technology, social media (specifically BeyondType1 has changed the way T1Ds and their families interact. 

Libby is such an amazing T1D ambassador, and has really paved the way for T1D conversations online since launching The Sugars in 2010. I think you'll really enjoy this interview with someone who not only knows T1D and living with T1D intimately, but also really knows the T1D community as a whole and what we go through. Be sure to reach out to her on Instagram, follow her blogs and even check out her sweet (oh no, more puns) T1D T-Shirt shop