Episode 029 - Diabetics Doing Yoga and so much more with Lauren Bongiorno

It’s nearly impossible to be involved in the Type-1 community without coming across the work of the amazing Lauren Bongiorno (@Lauren_Bongiorno on Instagram). A division-1 soccer athlete turned Yogi, Lauren talks about the challenges of growing up playing competitive sports with T1D, and how her type-a personality played into her success. Lauren is a very active Diabetic Health Coach, and works with top brands like Nike as a fitness influencer. Lauren is extremely involved in the T1D community, and frequently volunteers with JDRF as well as sitting on the Beyond Type 1 Global Ambassador Council. Don’t miss this candid interview with one of my favorite T1Ds. 

Episode 028 - Diabetics Doing Voice Acting with Kristen McGuire

I was very excited when Kristen McGuire (@KrisComics on Instagram and Twitter) reached out to me, because she’s a trained voice actor. Before she shared some pro-tips on how I could improve my podcast audio (thanks Kristen) she talks about her journey with T1D that is particularly interesting, having joined the T1D family during pregnancy. She talks about the tricky side to diagnosis during pregnancy, her second pregnancy (after she had Type-1) and what it’s like to play beloved anime & cosplay characters in her professional life. She even gives us a little preview of one of her characters. A must-listen! 

Episode 027 - Diabetics Doing Transformation with Alexa Pearlmutter

Alexa Perlmutter (@a.pearls on Instagram) joins the Podcast to talk about her transformative journey to find balance as a T1D. She is very open about overcoming the challenges associated with T1D, and provides insight into how her Yoga practice, mindfulness and meditation carved a path for living a healthy, fun and fulfilled adult life with T1D. Alexa is extremely supportive and positive, and I’m glad she was able to share her story. 

Episode 026 - Diabetics Doing Balance with Jamie Lowe

Jamie Lowe (@JamieLoweTV on Instagram) joins the Podcast from the U.K. to share his T1D story. Diagnosed after he graduated University and started his professional career, Jamie and I talk about the challenges of addressing the symptoms of T1D diagnosis as an adult, his career as a TV journalist in Bristol and how sometimes you need the help of a friend or co-worker to encourage you to go to the doctor. 

Jamie has great insight on the challenges of handling the stress and anxiety of a hands-on career along with the additional worry caused by T1D, and how he keeps himself at 100%. His search for balance is inspiring and it was so refreshing to hear his perspective on how he manages his relationship with Type-1. 

Episode 025 - Diabetics Doing Openness and Honesty with Veronica Urbanowiecz

Veronica Urbanowiecz (@veebombz on Instagram) joins the podcast from NYC to talk about her life with T1D. She gives a particularly personal, open and honest interview about the struggles that often accompany Type-1, the exhaustion that can go alongside the anxiety about blood sugars, and how she works through them all on a daily basis. Her interview speaks to the entire T1D online community's willingness to share the truth about T1D and the challenges that go along with it, and I encourage you to reach out and talk to another T1D if you're having a tough time. Shoot me a note if you need someone to talk to! 

Episode 024 - Diabetics Doing Good Vibes with Erika Arff

Episode 024 features Erika Arff (@eearff on Instagram) a T1D since she was 8 years old. We have a refreshing conversation about adjusting to living your best life with T1D, talking travel, skiing, navigating the real world after college and the challenges that come with it and above all being mindful about your life with T1D. 

Erika is very open about how she and her family adjusted to living with Type-1 over the last 16 years and how positive outlook was the biggest part of working towards acceptance of her diagnosis. Her interview is super open and honest, and I'd encourage you all to reach out to her on Instagram if you have questions. 


Episode 023 - Diabetics Doing Community with Mary Lucas

Mary Lucas (@maryalessandraa on Instagram) joins the podcast to discuss what it's like being on the forefront of the T1D social media community. Mary is the Community Partners and Programs Manager at BeyondType1 so chances are you've chatted with her on the @Beyondtype1 or @BeyondType1Daily Instagram accounts. 

We talk about what it's like to be on the forefront of the T1D community at BeyondType1, Mary's favorite stories from the T1D community, Diabetes and design and what we're hopeful for as T1Ds in 2017. Mary has an amazing perspective and this is a can't miss episode. 

Episode 022 - Diabetics Doing Outreach with Tanya Conovaloff

Tanya Conovaloff is a nearly 41-year T1D who works as the Outreach Manager for JDRF Dallas, and has been a huge supporter of Diabetics Doing Things since I met her early in 2015. We sat down for a rare face-to-face recording of the podcast where we discussed living for 4 decades with T1D (despite being only 29), what it was like to treat T1D in the 1970s, the importance of getting involved in the T1D community, and highlight some of the amazing work that JDRF is doing for T1Ds in the U.S. and across the world. 

We're very lucky to have someone as committed and enthusiastic as Tanya for our Dallas Outreach Manager, and so many of the amazing T1D community successes are a direct result of her and the JDRF Dallas staff's amazing work. When I was looking to get more involved with the T1D community, I sent an email to a general JDRF Dallas email address, and Tanya responded the same day. That conversation has led to so many opportunities to connect with other T1Ds in Dallas and across the U.S. So reach out! Get involved with your local JDRF chapter and if you don't have one, reach out to JDRF and they'll give you the resources to start one. 


Episode 021 - Diabetics Doing Glitter Glucose with Paloma Kemak

Paloma Kemak, perhaps better known as GlitterGlucose on Instagram joins the podcast to talk about how she went from being recently diagnosed with no diabetic friends or "diabuddies" to launching GlitterGlucose.com and getting connected to T1Ds all over the world! 

We cover the pressures of being a "good Diabetic," living outside the box of Type 1 Diabetes, raising funds and awareness, as well as overcoming challenges and inspiring others along the way. Paloma has been a big supporter of the podcast for a long time and I'm so glad we were finally able to connect for this interview. 

Episode 020 - Diabetics Doing Bike Beyond with Sid Sharma

Sid Sharma (@sid_t1d on Instagram) joins the podcast and takes us on a fantastic journey since his Diagnosis in late 2015. We talk about misdiagnosis, picking up cycling as a way to stand up to Type-1 Diabetes, taking the leap to join Bike Beyond and bike across the United States and he and I bond over sports & hypothyroidism. Sid is an awesome, energetic interview and we cover a ton of topics in a very short time. 

Bike Beyond is amazing, be sure to check it out and support them

Episode 019 - Diabetics Doing Fitness Activism with Adriana Mendez

Adriana Mendez, (@theonetype on Instagram) joins the podcast to talk about growing up with Diabetes and not remembering life without it, preparing her body for long distance rides for T1D in the Arizona heat, why she's hopeful for the future of Diabetes technology, the process of learning how your body responds to medication and being willing to work with your doctor to find the right mix. 

Adriana's interview offers insight into a life lived completely with Diabetes, overcoming fear of needles and getting support from the community. 

Episode 018 - European Diabetics Doing America with Barbara Saemann

Barbara Saemann joins the podcast from Minnesota, where she has moved recently to be with her husband after growing up in Germany. 

We talk about the process of working up the courage to come to America and study abroad in a new culture, the challenges of planning 6 months ahead with Diabetes supplies, the differences between Diabetes coverage in Germany and the United States, and the things Barbara learned about herself along the way. 

Barbara is very active in the T1d community, and writes about her experiences on Sweethearts4diabetes.com. You can follow Barbara on Instagram as well.