Episode 051 - Diabetics Doing Life in a New Light with Erika Cavallo

Episode 051 features Erika Cavallo (@erikacavalloo on Instagram) a former Division 1 Lacrosse player at Towson University. Erika had been feeling under the weather towards the end of her Freshman season, and was diagnosed with T1D prior to one of her team's games. 

Erika takes us through her diagnosis that derailed a promising season, adjusting to life with T1D as a student after her diagnosis, facing the reality that while her life had changed, her outlook and work ethic didn't have to, and how she has found a new passion fighting for T1D advocacy following her diagnosis. 

Erika also gives us a firsthand account of what many T1Ds go through, in that many of their peers and social circles change after they are diagnosed and they begin to feel alienated or alone because of their disease. Erika's attitude and determination are truly inspiring, and I hope you all enjoy a very candid look at life with Type 1. 

Episode 50 - Diabetics Doing Call to Congress with Basma Adams

Hard to believe we've reached 50 episodes! I'm super grateful to each and every listener, guest and supporter over the last 18 months. We couldn't do it without you. 

My 50th guest is Basma Adams (@bastheboss on Instagram). Don't let her age fool you, Basma is leading the charge for T1D advocacy on multiple fronts, including the steps of Capitol Hill. Basma represented T1Ds in 2017 during the ADA's "Call to Congress" in Washington, where she spent her time meeting face to face with representatives from across the country, in a day where she was focused on "making diabetes a priority." 

Basma and I talk about her diagnosis, experience during her 10+ years of advocacy work and the launch of her new blog. It's a great conversation, and we look forward to seeing what's next for the 2014 ADA National Youth Advocate. 

Episode 049 - Diabetics Doing Everyday Victories and Celebrating Them with Nicole Colson

I knew from the first email I received from Nicole Colson (@type1nicole on Instagram) that we were going to get along. "I desire to be that voice of normal in the T1D community." she told me. She had a point, and one that Diabetics Doing Things was founded on, that the everyday victories of T1D largely go uncelebrated, and that's a problem. To quote Nicole, "There are so many T1Ds that are rockstars...and that's great, but there are tons more of us winning everyday battles while facing the same highs and lows as the athletic T1D champs and celebrities." 

Nicole and I also talk about her looking forward to hosting the #BikeBeyond crew and Sid Sharma in Louisville on their way across America. It's a must listen and I hope you enjoy celebrating the everyday victories with us! 

Episode 048 - Diabetics Doing International Friendships with Noemie Bvn

Noemie (@noemiie.t1d on Instagram) joins the podcast from the French Alps to talk about her life in France with T1D. 

Noemie has been T1D for 21 years, after she was diagnosed at the age of 5, and while she doesn't remember the exact circumstances around her diagnosis she does have a vivid memory of growing up with Type-1. From her mom visiting her at school to test her blood sugar, or struggling with being normal while also maintaining control of her diabetes. 

Noemie is good friends with Sid Sharma, who we interviewed on Episode 20, who she met through Instagram. Noemie also recently got to meet him in person for the first time while Sid was riding across the USA with #BikeBeyond. Noemie has been a huge supporter of the podcast for a long time, so be sure to give her a shout out after you listen to her episode. 

Episode 047 - Diabetics Doing Worldwide Adventures with Anna Pintsuk

Anna Pintsuk (@onnepe on Instagram) joins the podcast from Vienna, Austria to talk about her life with T1D abroad. I love doing interviews with international guests because we get to see how similar we all are despite language barriers, measuring mmol/L or mg/dL or how our insurance works. 

Anna was diagnosed with a blood sugar reading of over 1300, and noticed it because her eyesight had deteriorated! 

Anna takes us through basic T1D education  in Austria, the T1D community in Austria, misconceptions about being vegan and how grateful she is for the technology we have access to in 2017 to treat our T1D. She even gives us a behind the scenes look at Austrian culture, which was super fun to learn about. 

Anna is such an inspiring person and I'd encourage all of you to reach out to her via social media and give her a follow because her content is awesome and check out her blog at www.onne-pe.com. 

Episode 046 - Diabetics Doing Lifelong Journeys with Jen Stilson

Jen Silson (@stilsonator on Instagram) joins the podcast to talk about her amazing journey with Type-1 Diabetes all over the country. She's worked with just a few household names in her awesome career, David Letterman and Jon Stewart just to name a few. Jen was diagnosed at age 16 in her home city of Spokane Washington, before attending school at the University of Washington. 

Jen tells us what it was like working in the 24/7 newsroom environment with Jon Stewart and David Letterman, especially since Letterman is a lover of Hershey's chocolate bars! Jen and I have an amazing conversation about how technology over the years has made it easier to be open with T1D, but how important early experiences with how you view your T1D can influence your relationship with the disease throughout your life. 

We also talk about how BeyondType1 is changing the voice of the T1D community, humanizing the disease and growing awareness for T1Ds worldwide.  Jen also tells a very cool story on BeyondType1 co-founder Nick Jonas, which you can here at about 27 minutes into the episode.

Jen serves on the Leadership Council of BeyondType1 and lives in New Jersey with her husband Greg and her two fur children Gerard and Pepita Consuela. 

Episode 045 - Diabetics Doing Happy Cooking with Chef Robert Lewis

Chef Robert Lewis (@happydiabetic on Instagram) joins the podcast to talk about his journey with Type 2 diabetes, healthy cooking and how Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics can benefit from understanding more about what they're eating and how they prepare it. 

Chef Lewis and I discuss his journey in becoming a chef, how helping people and following his passions opened him up to the amazing world of the Happy Diabetic, and dive into his ideologies and tactics of how to live and thrive as a Type 2 and Type 1 Diabetic. 

Check out Chef Robert Lewis online at happydiabetic.com  and be sure to check out Chef Lewis' cookbooks as well. He also has a podcast, which you can find on Itunes here

Episode 044 - Diabetics Doing Bikini Competitions 2 with Courtney Lillich

Courtney Lillich (@cornut34 on Instagram) joins the podcast from California to talk about her 31 year journey with T1D. Courtney is a physical therapist and bodybuilder, participating in the bikini division on a regular basis. During our conversation, she was preparing for a competition which she recently completed. 

Courtney gives awesome insight of what it’s like to be diagnosed with T1D at an early age, and all the hurdles her parents had to go through, from chasing her around with needles to having to explain to Courtney why she had to test her blood sugar, while her twin sister didn’t. 

We talk preparing for competition, overcoming lows at the gym and even mention our good friend Phil Graham! Give it a listen, and if you missed part 1 of Diabetics Doing Bikini Competitions with Devean D’Silva, check it out!